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Customer Success Stories

We define our success by ensuring the best results for our customers with the lowest cost of ownership.

At Chamco, we’re proud to help customers across the globe save money, increase productivity, and reduce downtime with our state-of-the-art pump and compressor solutions. Chamco has over six decades of customer success in a wide range of sectors including municipal, oil and gas, manufacturing, energy and more.

Take a look at the case studies below to learn more about how Chamco has provided innovative solutions to our customers. Contact us if you would like to become our next customer success story.

How Chamco Helped a Gold Mine Move Water in Challenging Conditions


In 2019, a gold mine in BC built a new paste plant and needed a system to easily move water from an existing pond over a large distance and up a hill to the new plant. Due to the unique requirements of this installation, they couldn't use any of their existing systems in this challenging environment and turned to Chamco to help them design a new system.

How Chamco Helped a North American Energy Producer Protect Their Refinery Expansions


Due to an expansion of their refinery, a North American energy producer needed an upgrade to their existing fire foam packages. However, the underground piping at their refinery, tight time constraints, and regulatory requirements made this project a challenge. Learn how Chamco custom-designed their fire foam packages to overcome the challenges in a timely and compliant manner.

How Chamco Helped Protect Western Canada’s First Diluent Recovery Unit


Chamco was responsible for a fully self-contained fire pump package to support a DRU unit, including design, testing, and on-site commissioning. Providing a fire pump package to support the DRU posed several challenges including abrupt change orders, a tight schedule, safety concerns, and strict regulatory requirements. Learn how Chamco delivered a custom solution to meet the needs of this unique project.


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At Chamco, we offer full consultancy services, allowing us to deliver innovative solutions to specific pump and compressor applications. No project is too big, small, cold or hot for us to challenge! We’ve conquered some of the toughest projects in some of the most extreme environments.

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