Innovative Pump System Solutions for Your Pit Dewatering Needs

Chamco’s pit dewatering stations are the industry-leading solution you need to drain your pit or maintain the water level at your site for mining, construction, or other project applications.


High-Quality Pit Dewatering Stations

Chamco pit dewatering systems are used across the globe anywhere that dewatering applications are required to effectively remove water from pits, lower groundwater levels surrounding pits, and reduce groundwater inflows into pits. Take advantage of our pit dewatering stations to eliminate the negative impacts associated with excessive water on your site. Whether you need to dewater open-pit mines or remove excess water from quarries or unconfined aquifers, Chamco’s pit dewatering stations can help.

Our systems are built on structural steel skids with integral sump and are housed in a pre-engineered self-framing building. Manufactured in our 40,000 square foot, ISO 9001 certified: 2015 facility, your pit floating or stationary designs come with full electrical scope ready for site hookup.

The Chamco Advantage

Floating or Stationary Designs

Floating or Stationary Designs

Depending on your dewatering requirements, Chamco has floating or stationary designs available. For example, floating pumps are ideal for mine dewatering applications with changing water levels.

Variety of Applications

We provide pit dewatering intake and booster systems for applications including perimeter well pumping, pit sump pumping, and surface water pumping. Also, options to include fire, leak, and chemical detection are available to ensure the safe operation of the system.
Variety of Applications
A Dedicated Partner

A Dedicated Partner

When you choose Chamco, you get a committed partner throughout the lifecycle of your pit dewatering station. We provide both high-quality products and unmatched service from initial startup to maintenance services down the line.

Suitable for Extreme Environments

Even in the harshest climate conditions, Chamco pit dewatering stations are built to last. Our pumping systems have been used across the globe in the most extreme environments to provide reliable pit dewatering techniques and drainage to our customers with greatly reduced downtime.
Suitable for Extreme Environments
Additional Details


  • Single and multiple pumps Flow meters

  • Flow Meters
  • Vertical and horizontal dewatering pumps
  • Rated 50 to 15000 USGPM

  • Instrumentation
  • All related piping and valves

High Pressure:

  • 250 PSI and up

  • Metering and control

  • Filtration

Recent Projects

Here are just a few of the projects we’ve delivered recently:

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