Engineered Nitrogen Generation Systems to Meet Your Nitrogen Gas Supply Needs

With over 6 decades of experience in industrial compressed air solutions, Chamco is a leading supplier of nitrogen generation systems for various industries including pharmaceutical, food and beverage, electronics manufacturing, chemical processing, metal fabrication, and plastics.


Onsite Nitrogen Gas Generation Systems

Ensure a reliable nitrogen supply, reduce your safety risks, and increase your cost savings with a nitrogen generation system from Chamco. Our custom nitrogen generation systems will produce a continuous supply of nitrogen gas and eliminate the need to handle hazardous nitrogen cylinders and tanks to meet the needs of your unique industrial applications.

Chamco’s nitrogen generation systems use high-purity nitrogen gas generators from the leading manufacturers, offering various customizable nitrogen purities and flow rates for your unique onsite nitrogen generation needs.

A nitrogen gas generator.

A Custom Solution

If you need a nitrogen generation package designed for your unique nitrogen purity requirements, Chamco offers in-house custom solutions ready to be shipped worldwide for easy hookup and startup. Not only does Chamco supply the nitrogen generators, but we also have the expertise to design the accompanying air compressor and air treatment system to ensure continuous nitrogen purity and prolong the life of your nitrogen generation system.

Lower Operating Costs

With a cost-effective onsite nitrogen generator system from Chamco, you can eliminate the need for regular refills and bulk nitrogen gas purchases, so you won’t be subject to fluctuating gas prices, and won’t be paying regular delivery fees, leading to significant cost savings.
A nitrogen gas generating system.
A nitrogen has generator.

Reduced Safety Risks

With a modular and space-saving design, Chamco’s nitrogen generation systems ensure a consistent onsite nitrogen gas supply that reduces the safety risks of hazardous gas storage and handling pressurized gas cylinders or tanks.

Ultimate Energy Efficiency

Engineered nitrogen packages from Chamco offer an environmentally friendly solution that harnesses the latest in energy-efficient gas purification technologies to reduce your carbon footprint.
Nitrogen gas generating system.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A nitrogen-generating system is a system that uses nitrogen generators to separate nitrogen molecules from compressed air. It utilizes various methods, such as pressure swing adsorption (PSA) technology or membrane separation, to extract nitrogen molecules and separate them from other components of air, such as oxygen, carbon dioxide, and moisture.

There are two types of nitrogen-generating systems: membrane nitrogen generators and PSA nitrogen generators.

A PSA nitrogen generator operates based on the principle of selective adsorption and typically consists of two adsorption vessels filled with a carbon molecular sieve (CMS) or zeolite material.

A membrane nitrogen generator employs semi-permeable membranes to separate nitrogen from other gases using hollow fibre or spiral-wound membrane technology with selective permeability, allowing nitrogen to pass through while retaining oxygen, carbon dioxide, and other impurities.

Nitrogen-generating systems offer numerous benefits:

  • Operational flexibility: Nitrogen gas generators can easily scale up or down to produce nitrogen according to your nitrogen requirements.
  • Enhanced safety: On-site nitrogen generation eliminates potential hazards related to the handling, storing, and transporting of nitrogen cylinders.
  • Cost savings: On-site nitrogen generating systems can provide long-term cost savings, eliminating the need for the ongoing delivery and installation of gas cylinders and tanks.
  • Environmentally friendly: Generating your own nitrogen on-site reduces your carbon footprint by eliminating the need for nitrogen transportation and the associated greenhouse gas emissions. It also minimizes waste from empty nitrogen cylinders or liquid nitrogen evaporation.

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