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Air-Operated Double-Diaphragm
Versamatic Pumps

For over 30 years, Versamatic has been refining and advancing their Air-Operated Double-Diaphragm. With various sizes and flow rates, Versamatic has set the standard of performance for air-operated double diaphragm pumps (AODD).

Versamatic makes pumping easy with its wide selection of versatile and quality AODD pumps. Chamco provides the following selection of Versamatic pumps in a variety of materials including non-metallic options like bolted plastic and metallic options like bolted and clamped metal.

1/4” (6mm) AODD Pump

Versamatics ¼” is one of the quietest and most compact pumps in its class with its integrated muffler. Engineered with the original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in mind, this bolted plastic pump delivers reliable performance with a non-stalling, lube-free air valve system.

The ¼” (6mm) pump is available in Polypropylene, PVDF (Kynar ®), and conductive Acetal (ATEX Compliant). The conductive acetal unit is capable of being grounded for pumping volatile mediums as well.

The AODD ¼” boasts tremendous system flexibility with features such as dual-threaded manifolds that are threaded both internally and externally as well as a horizontal section and vertical discharge center porting that comes with optional horizontal side ports.

3⁄8″ (10mm) Bolted Plastic AODD Pump

When it comes to a small size that packs a punch, look no further than a 3/8” AODD pump. Versamatic’s 3/8” pump can pump up to 6.8 GPM (26 LPM). With its patented air valve system, you can count on the reliability of this pump to provide non-stalling, non-icing, lube-free operation.

This pump is highly adaptive to your application. It is able to be mounted upright, sideways and even inverted. The manifold also is capable of being rotated 90⁰ so you may adjust the porting orientation.

This pump is available in Polypropylene and Kynar® materials. When It comes to versatility, adaptability, consistency and ever repairability, this small pump delivers.

1/2″ (13MM) AODD Pumps Available in Bolted Plastic and Clamped Metal

The ½” (13mm) AODD pumps allow you to safely transfer chemicals with confidence and ease. The leak-free bolted construction of these Versamatic diaphragm pumps allows for superior chemical resistance as well as reduced downtime with their continuous operation.

The ½” AODD pumps are available in two materials: bolter plastic as well as bolted metal. Both materials are equipped with a patented non-stalling, lubrication-free air valve design.

These pumps also host a number of features including on/off reliability, extended life diaphragms, and simple, low-cost maintenance. The greater positive seal on these pumps makes for a safer and more reliable transfer of chemicals in OEM systems and applications.

3/4” (19mm) AODD Pump

Available in Bolted Metal

Known for its reliability around the world, Versamatic’s ¾” (19mm) air-operated double-diaphragm is a great asset to those in the lubrication, OEM systems and industrial industry. The ¾” pump has an abundance of fantastic features such as portability, a corrosion-resistant air chamber, as well a durable design that reduces downtime.

The ¾” AODD pump is available in a bolted metal material is capable of handling a range of fluid consistencies, from water to more abrasive and viscous liquids as well

The leak-free bolted design makes for simple maintenance and repair. This pump is ideal for those who are looking for minimal downtime and continuous performance. With a max flow of 12 GPM (45 LPM), the ¾” pump provides reliability for lubrication, tire filling, adhesive dispensing and other industries.

1” (25mm) AODD Pump Available in Bolted Plastic and Metal

Versamatic’s 1” (25mm) AODD comes in bolted metal or plastic materials. Both pumps feature the same patented air distribution system that always delivers continuous, reliable pump performance.

The bolted metal option features Versmatic’s bolted construction which provides superior leak-free performance and has a positive seal that guarantees a superior and safe transfer of harsh chemicals and mediums. The bolted plastic material features moderate tensile and flex strength. Polypropylene is a thermoplastic polymer that resists strong acids and alkali.

Both the bolted metal and bolted plastic AODD pumps have various features such as simple, low-cost maintenance, long-term reliability and extended-life diaphragms. Whether you’re looking for a pump with multiple porting or one that is ATEX compliant, the bolted plastic and bolted metal 1” pumps are a great first choice.

1 1/2” (38mm) AODD Pumps Available in Bolted Plastic, Bolted Metal and Clamped Metal

The Versamatic 1 ½ “ (38mm) air-operated double-diaphragm pump can transfer fluids quickly and efficiently which is why these pumps remain at the forefront of the industry when it comes to flow rates.

The 1 ½” pumps are available in three different material categories: bolted metal, bolted plastic, and clamped metal. Both the clamped and bolted metal pumps are ATEX compliant.

The bolted metal 1 ½” AODD pump boasts an impressive flow rate of 123 GMP (465 LPM), displacement per cycle and dry suction lift. Maintenance of the 1 ½” pump is simple with a removable air valve sleeve and modular pilot spool design.

The clamped metal 1 ½” AODD pump features a classic clamped metal design that allows for easy portability and reliability. This pump is perfect for operations that require full submersion, and the clamped metal pump is also non-stalling, non-freezing and self-priming.

Finally, the bolted plastic 1 ½” pump is capable of being installed horizontally or vertically and has a variety of porting options as well. Other features include a chemically resistant all-plastic design (Fluid Side / Air Side), and industry-leading displacement per stroke of 0.43 Gallons. /1.63 Litres.

2” (51mm) AODD Pumps Available in Bolted Plastic, Bolted Metal and Clamped Metal

For decades, people have been choosing the Versamatic 2” (51mm) AODD for their pumping needs. The 2” AODD pump delivers one of the best flow rates while still being portable. As the most elite utility pump, the Versamatic 2” pump offers the best flexibility, mobility and reliability. All with Versamatic patented air valve system, these pumps provide a superior non-stall, lube-free system.

The bolted metal 2” AODD is available in a range of materials including aluminum, stainless steel, cast iron and alloy C. With an ideal combination of flow, size and portability, the 2” pumps are an ideal fit for those looking to use the pump in potentially hazardous environments, including mining.

With over a million clamped metal 2” AODD installed globally, this pump has a trusted design that makes it lucrative for work in potentially hazardous environments. This ATEX-compliant AODD is dimensionally interchangeable with the Wilden 8 Clamped Series.

If you are looking for a pump that is ideal for moving aggressive chemicals, look no further than the bolted plastic 2” pump. This pump has chemically resistant, wear-reducing components and that can reduce your costs.

3”(76mm) AODD Pump Available in Bolted Plastic, Bolted Metal and Clamped Metal

The 3” (76mm) AODD pump is optimized to utilize flow-through casting designs to deliver high flow rates and handle solids efficiently. If you have rapid fluid transfer needs, the 3” AODD pump is available in threaded or flanged connection with Versamatic’s well-known leak-free and reliable design.

The 3” AODD pump is available in three materials: bolted metal, bolted plastic, and clamped metal. All three materials offer consistency, reliability, and trouble-free operation to keep your processes running.

The bolted metal 3” AODD pump offers the highest flow rate of all Versamatic AODD metal pumps with a flow rate of 273 GPM (1,033 LPM). The bolted metal design also offers multiple connections and porting types and various air section materials for maximum chemical compatibility.

If you need a pump suitable for potentially hazardous environments, including those containing chemicals and oil and gas, the 3” clamped metal pump is perfect for you. This fully groundable pump is also in compliance with ATEX certifications.

Finally, the bolted plastic design is perfect for bulk chemical transfer and waste treatment (filter press feed) applications. This AODD pump has a max flow rate of 280 GPM (1,060 LPM). Equipped with Versmatic’s patented air valve system, the bolted plastic offers class-leading air efficiency.

versamatic parts

Versamatic Pump Parts

At Chamco, we are proud to be western Canada’s exclusive distributor of Versamatic parts and components. No matter your Versamatic pump system, we have a full suite of OEM replacement parts to optimize your pump performance, minimize downtime, and get your pump system back up and running to its full potential. Versamatic parts can be delivered as single items or in bulk, depending on your individual requirements.

Contact a Chamco representative for more information about specific pump parts, bulk orders, and pricing.

Versamatic Pump Engineered Systems

Chamco is proud to be Western Canada’s exclusive provider of engineered pump systems that utilize Versamatic’ industry-leading pump technology. At Chamco, we care about exceeding customer expectations because we believe our customers deserve the best. That’s why it’s essential for us to use the best pumps on the market. Using Versamatic pumps in our engineered pump systems allows us to deliver more reliable, cost-effective and efficient solutions.

Thanks to Versamatic pumps, we can offer the best-engineered pump systems in all of Western Canada at the lowest price.

Do you want a pump system that will exceed your expectations for quality and performance? The Versamatic engineered systems offered by Chamco are the solution you need.

Versamatic Pump Engineered Systems

From 6 locations across Western Canada, we service the following areas:

British Columbia

Drayton Valley
Fort St. James
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