Industrial Air Compressor Solutions.

Chamco offers western Canada exclusive access to the best compressor brands on the market and is your hub of high-quality, industrial and commercial air compressor solutions and services.

Industrial Air Compressors

Industrial air compressors are built to perform for the toughest jobs, the most precise applications, and continuous, 24/7 use – year after year. We offer a wide range of high-quality, industrial air compressor solutions for any application, across all industries. Chamco is also the exclusive western Canada distributor of industrial air compressors from the leading manufacturers, including Sullair.

Oil-Free Air Compressors

For many commercial and industrial applications, air purity is critical. Oil-free air compressors don’t introduce oil or other lubricants into the air compression process. That way, you get compressed air without the risk of oil contamination.

  • Oil-Free Air Compressors
    Certified Class 0 oil-free air and quiet, reliable performance

  • Oil-Free Rotary Screw Air Compressors
    An energy-efficient, reliable option for Class 0 oil-free air.

  • Oil-Free Centrifugal Air Compressors
    Low maintenance requirements, simple operation, and Class 0 oil-free air.

Sullair oil free air compressors
Oil Flooded Air Compressors

Oil-Flooded Air Compressors

Oil-flooded industrial air compressors are a great, cost-effective option if you need a stationary or permanent unit and your site doesn’t require 100% oil-free air. Chamco offers a wide range of single-stage or two-stage oil-flooded Sullair rotary screw air compressors. With proper filtration our compressors can meet the ISO 8573.1 class 1.2.1 air quality standard.

Portable Air Compressors

Perfect for job sites without electricity available, our portable air compressors combine flexibility with durability and reliability. Move your compressor from site to site and get the air power you need for remote jobs and portable air tools.

  • Sullair Portable Air Compressors
    Standard, high pressure and utility models, airpower ranging from 100 to 1600 cfm.

  • Vehicle-Mounted Air Compressors
    Effective truck mount air compressors for a reliable source of airpower on the go.

  • Engine-Driven Systems
    Get superior power to get the job done with Vanair’s engine-driven power systems.

  • AirNArc
    6 power sources in 1 compact and lightweight machine for a mobile workstation.

Portable air compressions

Engineered Systems

Chamco has 6 decades of expertise to draw from when we design and manufacture our engineered air compressor systems. Each air compressor package is purpose-built for the unique needs of the customer, site, and application. Chamco has extensive experience building custom compressor systems for a wide range of applications, including instrument air, plant air, process air, and nitrogen feed air.

Engineering & Design

Chamco has a dedicated team of in-house design and engineering staff to provide a full scope of engineering disciplines for each engineered air compressor project. With the extensive expertise, we can offer innovative and effective solutions for each compressor system.

Project Management

From air compressor package design to commissioning the system, our PMP-certified project managers ensure that our experience is applied to all of the critical tasks and performed in a timely manner to meet the needs of the project schedule.


We perform all of the critical fabrication work in our own purpose-built fabrication facility. Controlling the production process lets us ensure that the work is done right, potential delays are managed and mitigated, and that the quality of the product is unsurpassed.

Delivery & Commission

From air compressor package design to commissioning the system, our PMP-certified project managers ensure that our experience is applied to all of the critical tasks and performed in a timely manner to meet the needs of the project schedule.

Air Compressor System Highlights

A wrench and screwdriver crossed

Easy Install and Start-Up

  • Delivered fully tested and mounted on a heavy-duty structural steel skid. Seal welded checker-plate decking, drain sump, and drip lip.

  • Enclosed in a pre-engineered, self-framing building.

A clipboard with a checklist

High Safety Standards

  • Designed and manufactured to all applicable codes and safety standards.

  • Built to CSA, UL / NRTL standards, and local building codes.

A pencil and a ruler crossed

Highly Customizable

  • Large range of sizes available.

  • Single or multiple units.

  • Custom designed to meet your specific needs.

A shield

Durable and Reliable

  • Designed for 24/7, continuous operation.

  • Operates 10-20 years between overhauls.

Suitable for Any Environment

  • Remote sites.

  • Challenging environments.

Air Compressor System Details

  • Sizes up to 5 hp (3.73 Kw) – 600 hp (447.42 Kw) (20 cfm (34 m3/h) – 3,000 cfm (5097 m3/h) hp (3.73 Kw) – 600 hp (447.42 Kw) (20 cfm (34 m3/h) – 3,000 cfm (5097 m3/h))

  • Vertical or horizontal, wet or dry, ASME air receivers

  • Available building packages with complete HVAC and electrical

  • Pressures up to 200 psig (1378.95 kPa) – 500 psig (3447.38 kPa) in two-stage units.

  • Any voltage, 60 and 50 Hz systems, NEMA or IEC

  • Desiccant or refrigerant dryer with pre and post-filtration

  • All piping welded to ASME B31.3 or B31.1 with Hydro Test and NDE

Industrial Air Compressor Service

Whether you need urgent support with a downed system or you want to ensure your equipment is running as efficiently as possible, we offer our compressor support and expertise from 6 locations throughout western Canada.

24/7 Service Support

At Chamco, we understand the importance of fast, flexible service. We can respond to service calls around-the-clock in even the most remote locations with one of our many fully-equipped service trucks.

Air Compressor Maintenance

Extend the life of your compressed air system and boost its efficiency and performance with Chamco’s air compressor services. We offer full preventive maintenance packages, supplementary maintenance check-ups, or can help train your on-site maintenance staff.

Air Audits

Is your compressed air system running as efficiently as possible? An air audit can highlight significant cost-savings opportunities at your site. We can help assess your system and give you an estimate of what you could save in power costs by upgrading to energy-efficient air compressors.

Decades of Compressor Service Excellence

We’ve been providing industrial compressor expertise for over 50 years, and all Chamco’s compressor technicians are either journeymen or indentured apprentice millwrights/electricians with specialized factory training.

Industrial Air Compressor Parts

Get quality industrial air compressor parts when you need them the most!

A sullair air compressor
  • Extensive inventory of maintenance kits and compressor parts.

  • High-quality, genuine OEM parts.

  • Exclusive western Canada distributor of Sullair and Vanair OEM parts.

From 6 locations across western Canada, we service the following areas:

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