Water Pumping Stations Built For a Lifetime of Performance

No matter your application, you need a water pumping station that offers reliability, increases your productivity, and reduces your costs.


Purpose-Built Water Pump Stations

At Chamco, we take pride in our engineered systems and deliver industry-leading water pumping solutions that exceed expectations across the globe. All of our systems are manufactured in our 40,000 square foot, ISO 9001 certified: 2015 facility and are built to all applicable naval, local, and manufacturer requirements. Your water pumping stations can be fully assembled at your river and pond intake stations for a lifetime of performance.

Whether you need to provide public water supply or move sewage to wastewater treatment plants, our water pump systems are the solution you need. Chamco pump station equipment is housed in an all-weather, pre-engineered self-framing building on a common structural skid, with an integral sump. We offer pumps in styles such as vertical turbine, ANSI process, horizontal split case, and centrifugal pumps to meet the unique requirements of your application.

The Chamco Advantage


Solutions for Various Applications

At Chamco, we’re proud to offer three different types of water pump stations, depending on your specific needs:
  • Lift stations for municipal applications

  • Freshwater intake systems for mining and forestry applications

  • Booster stations for a wide range of applications

Our water pumping stations are uniquely suited for river and pond intake stations, low and high-pressure booster stations, and potable water treatment such as sedimentary filtration, ultraviolet treatment, and hypochlorite injection.

Designed for Safety

Don’t worry about a leak or fire going undetected. Our water pump stations can be designed with fire, leak, and chemical detection instrumentation to ensure safe operation for many years to come.

A Dedicated Partner

Have a committed partner throughout the entire lifecycle of your system. At Chamco, our goal is to deliver both high-quality products and industry-leading service. You can rest assured that Chamco will continue to support you when you need us most.

Conquering Extreme

From the harsh winters in the Canadian Rockies to the desert sands in Mexico, we’ve developed innovative engineered systems for a variety of extreme environments across the globe. Even in the most extreme locations, Chamco continues to offer the most innovative pump solutions on the market.
Suitable for Extreme Environments
Additional Details
  • Vertical and horizontal pumps
  • Rated 50 to 15000 USGPM
  • NSF compliant

  • Floating or stationary designs available

  • Single and multiple pumps
  • Flowmeters

  • Instrumentation
  • All related piping and valves

High Pressure:

  • 250 PSI and up

  • Filtration

  • Designed for unclassified/general purpose or explosion proof areas

  • Metering and control

Recent Projects

Here are just a few of the projects we’ve delivered recently:

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