Industry-Leading Air Compressor Packages to Meet Your Compressed Air Needs

With over 6 decades of experience in purpose-built compressor solutions around the globe, Chamco is the easy choice to design, assemble, install, and maintain your air compressor package.


Modular Industrial Air Compressor Packages

Chamco modularized air systems are the ideal solution to meet your specific instrument air, plant air, process air, and nitrogen feed air compression needs. We mount Sullair Rotary Screw Air Compressors or Sullair Centrifugal Air Compressors on a heavy structural steel skid and then enclose them in a pre-engineered self-framing building. Manufactured in our 40,000 square foot, ISO 9001 certified: 2015 facility, your air compressor packages are custom designed and manufactured to meet your applications needs for instrument air, plant air, process air and nitrogen feed air.

The Chamco Advantage


Climax Mine Project

A unique solution for a challenging environment

After a 17 year shutdown, the Climax mine in Colorado
approached Chamco to supply 2 large floating pump stations to work in conjunction with an upgraded water treatment facility on the mine tailings pond. Learn how Chamco designed, manufactured, and delivered a unique solution to this remote site.

Easy Installation

Easy Installation

Save time and reduce your costs. Our air compressor packages are designed to ship as modular units. All components, including compressors, receivers, valves, dryers, filters, piping, electrical controls, and complete skid, are plant manufactured to allow for single piping and electrical connections at your site, no matter the location.

Designed for Safety

Minimize the risks on your site. Chamco air compressor packages are built according to national and local building codes and include a complete electrical scope that is designed and constructed according to CSA and UL / NRTL standards.
Designed for Safety
Built To Last

Built to Last

With average equipment life spans up to 20 years, Chamco air compressor packages are known for their high reliability. Additionally, the Sullair rotary screw compressors used in our engineered systems are incredibly durable, and Sullair stands behind their products with a 10-year warranty.

24/7 Operation

Not only are Chamco air packages built to last, but they’re also designed for 24/7 continuous operation. Even in the most challenging, remote locations, you can count on Chamco air packages to operate efficiently and effectively, providing consistent air supply when you need it most.
24-7 Operation

Standard or Custom Systems

Choose between a standard air compressor package for the lowest initial cost or a custom package designed and manufactured to meet your unique application needs. Our in-house engineering and design team takes careful consideration of your specific requirements to custom design a system that’s right for you.

A Dedicated Partner

At Chamco, we provide you with more than just high-quality products. We’re also by your side with industry-leading services you need to maintain your compressor package throughout its lifetime. Whether it’s an initial start-up service or a future maintenance service, Chamco will always be there when you need us.
A Dedicated Partner
Conquering Extreme Environments

Conquering Extreme Environments

Our industry-leading expertise has taken us across the globe with a project portfolio that spans some of the globe’s toughest and most extreme environments. From the harsh winters to desert sands, no matter the location, Chamco continues to be a champion of trusted engineering solutions around the globe.
Additional Details
  • Wide range of sizes: 5 hp (3.73 Kw) – 600 hp (447.42 Kw) z(20 cfm (34 m3/h) – 3,000 cfm (5097 m3/h))
  • Sullair Centrifugal compressors can achieve 11,750 CFM
  • Single or multiple compressors

  • Various control options

  • Structural steel skid: seal welded checker-plate decking, drain sump, drip lip
  • Desiccant or refrigerant dryer with pre and post-filtration

  • Arctic or tropical sites

  • Pressures up to 200 PSIG (1378.95 kPa) – 500 PSIG (3447.38 kPa) in two-stage units

  • Desiccant or refrigerant dryer with pre and post-filtration

  • Vertical or horizontal, wet or dry, ASME air receivers

  • All piping welded to ASME B31.3 or B31.1 with Hydro Test and NDE

  • Available building packages with complete HVAC and electrical

  • Any voltage, 60 and 50 Hz systems, NEMA or IEC

Recent Projects

Here are just a few of the projects we’ve delivered recently:

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