Commercial and Industrial Pump Solutions.

Chamco offers industry-leading industrial, commercial, and municipal pump solutions and exclusive access to the best industrial pump brands on the market in western Canada.

Industrial Pumps
Industrial pumps are expertly built for a wide variety of industrial applications to effectively and reliably move fluid and build pressure. From centrifugal pumps to positive displacement pumps, diaphragm pumps, and slurry pumps, Chamco offers a large selection of industrial pump solutions to meet the diverse needs of our customers. We are also the exclusive distributor for leading pump manufacturer, Peerless Pumps and distribute Cornell and Grundfos products.

Horizontal Split-Case Pumps

Perfect for high-volume applications, our horizontal split case-pumps economically reduce thrust loads and offer minimal power consumption. The rugged but simple design of these centrifugal pumps is perfect for low-viscosity liquids such as clear water and unsaturated industrial wastewater.

  • TU/TUT Multi-Stage Horizontal Split Case Pumps
    multi-stage pump designs offer superior performance in Agriculture, General Industry, Building Trade, and Municipal applications.

  • Horizontal Split Case – Series AE
    Single-stage pump design gives superior performance in Agriculture, General Industry, Building Trade, Power Industry, Fire Protection, Municipal and Process applications.

Two horizontal split case pumps.
Two inline and end suction pumps.

Inline and End-Suction Pumps

Expertly designed for medium-duty service, inline and end-suction pumps provide maximum pump value for heating, air conditioning, booster and general circulating services. From clearwater to corrosive chemicals, these durable and versatile pump solutions can be configured to handle a range of pump applications.

  • End-Suction – Series C Pump
    Close-coupled with standard C-face JM or JP solid shaft ball bearing motors.

  • End-Suction – Series F Pump
    General purpose, frame-mounted, flexibly coupled to drivers and equipped with coupling guards.

Diaphragm Pumps

Diaphragm pumps are a versatile solution for transferring low, medium and high viscosity liquids. Not only can they handle aggressive chemicals and volatile fluids, but they are also capable of handling large solids content.

  • Air-Operated Double Diaphragm (AODD) Pumps
    Self-priming pumps run dry without damage, deadhead safely, don’t require electricity, and can be used as a submersible pump.

Air operated diaphragm pump.
Four vertical pumps.

Vertical Pumps

A perfect pump solution for pumping water from bodies of water for agriculture irrigation, mining, water supply for municipalities, or pressure head and fire water for industrial processes.

  • Vertical Turbine Pumps
    Specifically designed to transport water from underground reservoirs.

Solids-Handling Pumps

These robust, highly efficient pumps effectively handle the most complex solids applications.

  • Hydro-Transport Pumps
    Designed and manufactured specifically for pumping food products

  • N-Series Solids Handling Pumps
    Available in discharge sizes from 1.25” to 30” and designed to handle difficult solids handling applications

  • Duraprime Series Pumps
    Available in 3”, 4” and 6” models, and ideal for rental and construction applications

  • Chopper Pumps
    Designed to handle severe plugging and robust applications

Hydro-Transport solids-handling pumps.
Engineered Pump Systems
At Chamco, we offer a range of engineered pump systems for industrial and municipal applications. Each pump system is customized to your specific pumping needs and purpose-built by our experienced technicians. This allows us to develop the most effective pump solution for the end-user.

Floating Pump Systems

A unique, fully assembled pump solution that floats on water to rise and fall with water levels.

This effectively increases the operational life of the equipment and ensures consistent and efficient operation for applications such as mine dewatering, drought relief, wastewater irrigation, and more.

A fully assembled floating pump system.
A modularized fire pump system.

Fire Pump Systems

A modularized system that offers effective fire protection for industrial projects.

Chamco fire pumping systems are built to NFPA and local standards to minimize risk and are delivered to sites fully assembled to reduce on-site construction and labour times.

Fuel Pump Systems

An effective solution for providing on-site unloading, dispensing, and distribution of fuel.

Designed to ship as modular units, Chamco fuel pump systems allow for singular piping and electrical connections on site. Stations are built using either a shipping container or a complete skid and come with full electrical controls.

A Chamco modular fuel pump system.
A Chamco wastewater submersible lift station.

Water Pump Systems

An ideal pump solution for river and pond intake stations, potable water treatment, and low and high-pressure booster stations.

Chamco water pump stations are housed in an all-weather pre-engineered module, come with a full electrical scope, and can be designed with chemical, fire, and leak detection instrumentation.

Pit Dewatering Systems

A pre-engineered pump system that provides effective pit dewatering intake for applications such as perimeter well pumping, pit sump pumping, and surface water pumping.

Chamco pit dewatering systems come in a pre-engineered self-framing building complete with full electrical scope, HVAC, BAS, DCS, PLC, and instrumentation.

A pre-engineered pit-dewatering system.
A Grundfos wastewater submersible lift station.

Wastewater Submersible Lift Stations

An effective system to pump wastewater or sewage from a lower to higher elevation that offers the highest wire-to-water efficiency available.

At Chamco, we offer Grundfos submersible lift stations that outperform the competition in terms of both cost and quality.

The Chamco Advantage
All Chamco engineered pump systems are purpose-built to deliver innovative solutions to each specific pump application. We have the most experienced technical teams and the best facilities to ensure that every stage of every pump system project is delivered to the highest standards.

Engineering & Design

All Chamco pump systems are engineered and designed in-house by our dedicated teams with years of experience producing practical and innovative pump solutions for our valued customers.

Project Management

At Chamco, our PMP-certified project managers are dedicated to ensuring that each and every pump system is delivered on-time, and on-budget, from initial design through to commissioning the system.


The Chamco purpose-built fabrication facility allows us to keep complete control over the entire critical fabrication process to ensure that each pump system is built to the highest standards.

Delivery & Commission

Chamco pump systems are pre-engineered and thoroughly tested prior to delivery to allow for simple and efficient hookup and startup on site.

Industrial Pump Service

At Chamco, we have over 50 years of experience helping our customers ensure the continued effectiveness of their pumps and pump systems through around-the-clock-service, preventative maintenance and rebuild services.

24/7 Service Support

We understand that efficient service is crucial to ensuring that your operations continue to run smoothly. That’s why Chamco service teams are always there for our customers whenever and wherever you need us.

Pump Preventative Maintenance

With our preventative maintenance program, we help to increase the lifespan of your pump systems substantially. We offer annual and bi-annual pump inspections, including vibration monitoring, flow testing, control testing, and more.

Pump Rebuild

When your pumps don’t perform like they used to, Chamco is here to help with our pump rebuild services. Using our standardized practices, our technicians can substantially extend the life of your pump system and return your pump system to “like new” condition.

Unmatched Expertise

All Chamco service technicians are highly skilled journeymen or indentured apprentice millwrights/electricians with specialized factory training. The expertise of our service technicians, coupled with our five dedicated service centres with machining capabilities and over 15 service trucks, allow us to provide efficient and effective service to our customers.

Industrial Pump Parts

Get the highest quality, heavy-duty pump and compressor parts for your unique business needs and industrial applications.

  • Extensive inventory of maintenance kits and spare parts in each of our six service centres.

  • Fast delivery of parts when you need them most.

  • Affordable prices

A close up of a Chamco industrial pump.

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