Engineered Systems

Fuel Pumping Systems

Features / Details:

  • Unloading modules: rated 20 USGPM (4.54 m3/h) to 600 USGPM (136 m3/h), metered with printer
  • Heavy vehicle loading: card locks, dry-break nozzles, metered dispensing
  • Light vehicle loading: standard pump distribution, card locks
  • Available scully system for safety
  • All package inter-connecting piping and valves, including relief valves as required
  • All piping welded to ASME B31.3 or B31.1 with Hydro Test and NDE
  • Available building packages with complete HVAC and electrical
  • Any voltage, 60 and 50 Hz systems, NEMA or IEC
  • Arctic or tropical sites
  • Broadest range of pumps available


Our fuel pumping stations are designed to ship as modular units. Pumps, piping, valves, metering, electrical controls, and complete skid are manufactured to allow for single piping and electrical connections at site. Chamco fuel modules are designed to provide on-site unloading, dispensing, and distribution of fuel.

Diesel fuel pumping stations can be built using a shipping container in lieu of using a skid with a pre-engineered self framing building. Either option comes with full electrical controls.

Our Work: