Versamatic ¾” (19MM) Bolted Metal AODD Pump

The ¾” bolted metal AODD ensures reliability in adhesive dispensing, tire filling, lubrication, and OEM systems. Its leak-free bolted construction reduces downtime and ensures continuous operation. The design of this pump offers cost-effective maintenance, and includes a corrosion-resistant air section.

This pump also hosts a number of features including on/off reliability, durability, and several extended life diaphragms to choose from. A patented non-stalling, lubrication-free air valve design provides the reliability you need and lets you safely and effectively handle a wide range of fluid types.

3_4” (19mm) AODD Pump Bolted Metal

Flow Rate

0-12 gpm

Port Size

Inlet – ¾” NPT
Discharge – ¾” NPT

Air Inlet

⅜” NPT

Air Exhaust

⅜” NPT

Suction Lift

Dry – 13′ (3.9 m)
Wet – 23′ (6.7 m)

Max Solid
Size (Diameter)

1/16” (1.6 mm)

Max Noise Level

84 dB(A)

Shipping Weight

Aluminum – 11 lbs