How Chamco Helped a Potash Mine Centralize Their Fuel Unloading, Distribution, and Transfer

A Chamco pump house on the bed of a trailer.

Project Background

A modular fuel pump package.

A potash mine in Eastern Canada was trucking in fuel on a daily basis to fill their day tanks. However, as the mine became more established, the mining company discovered that they could save money by erecting fuel tanks on-site.

In 2011, Chamco was awarded a modular fuel pump package responsible for fuel unloading, distribution and transfer, including a light vehicle and heavy vehicle pump jack system. Chamco’s unique solution kept all of the mine’s pumps and systems centralized as opposed to breaking them into smaller packages.

The Challenge: Shipping, Testing Requirements, and Cleaning

Chamco was responsible for a modularized fuel pump system, including the custom design, testing, and shipping of the unit. The project presented 3 key challenges: shipping, testing requirements, and cleaning the package for transport.

  • Shipping

    Shipping the package from Chamco’s facility in Calgary to the mine site in Eastern Canada presented both a challenge and an added expense for the customer. However, the fact that Chamco was able to build and ship one package as opposed to multiple smaller packages helped to minimize the shipping costs. Additionally, Chamco custom-designed the package to be under 12 feet wide so it could be shipped across Canada without any issues.

  • Testing Requirements

    At the time of this project, Measurements Canada required packagers to test units before they could be shipped. In order to test the package, Chamco brought in fuel tanks, connected the system up to the tanks and ran the entire package so it could be properly tested before transport.

    Measurements Canada has since changed these regulations and will now travel to the site to perform the testing rather than testing the packages twice at the packaging facility and on the field.

  • Cleaning the Package Before Transport

    After testing the package with Measurements Canada, Chamco had to clean the package and remove all diesel fuel so it could be transported safely, in accordance with Transport Canada regulations. Chamco worked with a third-party company and got the package clean prior to shipping it to the site. This involved taking the package apart, cleaning all the parts and building the package again.

Why the Potash Mine Chose Chamco

At the time of the project, there were many other packagers across Canada that built fuel modules, but a lot of them built these modules as separate individual packages. Since these companies have standardized their packages, it’s a lot easier for them to build standard packages for their customers.

Chamco was the only packager amongst those who were bidding for this project to put forth the idea of a modularized system that solved all of the customer’s needs within a singular package. Although Chamco was also capable of supplying the potash mine with multiple standard packages, we knew that a custom, modularized package would better meet the unique needs of this customer.

The Solution

Although this project presented multiple challenges, Chamco was pleased to present a unique solution that helped our customer centralize fueling processes on their site.

  • Custom Modularized Design

    Chamco provided a custom modular fuel pump system that provided the customer with the ability to unload, transfer and distribute fuel and fill vehicles all from a single package. The project only involved one shipment and one foundation. The package was able to sit on a gravel pad and did not require a concrete foundation.

  • Card Lock Capabilities

    Additionally, Chamco designed the fuel package to include a card lock to ensure that only authorized vehicles were able to dispense fuel from the pump jack. The card lock could also keep track of information regarding card usage in the control system of the package.

  • Regulatory Compliance

    Due to Chamco’s ISO 9001 certified: 2015 facility, we were able to build the package according to all applicable codes and standards, local, and manufacturer requirements. The package was certified by Measurements Canada and effectively cleaned prior to transport to comply with Transport Canada regulations.

The Results

This potash mine customer was very pleased with the modular solution provided by Chamco. Since investing in this package, the customer has been able to save a significant amount of money compared to trucking in fuel every day. The customer experienced no downtime and noted that maintenance of the system was very minimal.

This potash mine will continue to benefit from Chamco’s ongoing support throughout the lifespan of the system.

“Chamco understands that customers don’t always want cookie-cutter solutions. That’s the Chamco advantage. You give us your specifications and let us know what you need it to do and we come up with a solution to meet your needs.”
Steve Sims, Manager, Proposals and Applications

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