How Chamco Developed an Innovative Dual-Purpose Fire and Process Pump Package for a BC Mine

Process Pumping

Project Background

In 2023, a new gold mine in BC needed a fire pump and process water pump package for its process plant that was under construction.

The customer needed a partner who could work with them to solve their unique pumping challenges with one comprehensive package under a tight timeline.

The Challenge

Chamco was presented with a complex puzzle of engineering, logistical, and scheduling challenges to provide a comprehensive fire and process pump package for the new mine’s main process plant.

The project presented a unique challenge, as the mine wanted to integrate fire suppression and process water functionalities into a single, compact system with the washdown pumps housed in the same building as the fire pump package.

Chamco was able to innovate and think creatively to deliver a solution that met all of the mine’s needs.

  • Complex Integration Requirements

    The mine needed a pump system for dual purposes: a fire pump and a process water pump. This requirement posed a technical challenge due to accommodating all pump functionalities within a single system while adhering to safety and regulatory standards.

  • Geographic and Shipping Constraints

    Given the mine’s location in British Columbia, shipping large equipment was challenging due to the mountainous terrain and transportation restrictions. With regard to the equipment’s design, we had to consider a minimal footprint without compromising operational efficiency and maintenance accessibility.

  • A Tight Schedule

    Although the mine was not yet in operation, the project had a very tight time frame. The customer needed the pump package delivered and commissioned quickly to ensure it was operational when the mine began operations.

Why the Gold Mine Chose Chamco

Gold Mine process pumping

Chamco was selected for our proven expertise and strong relationships we had already built from past projects with key engineering personnel now working with the mine. Our ability to listen and respond effectively to our customer’s needs, rather than prescribing solutions, was a critical factor. Our local presence and ability to handle all aspects of the project also helped make Chamco the mine’s preferred partner for this project.

The Solution

Process pumping solutions

Chamco engineered a versatile pump system that integrated wash-down and firewater capabilities into one compact package, streamlining installation and optimizing space.

  • Custom, Dual-Purpose Pump Package

    Chamco designed a pumping system that included two fire pumps, one jockey pump, and wash-down pumps. With the combined package, only an additional pipe connection was needed for both the suction and discharge sides, simplifying the electrical setup by connecting directly to the firewater building and eliminating the need for separate infrastructure. The on-site firewater tank was designed to also function as a potable water/washdown tank, with a designated portion for firewater.

  • Adaptive Design for Geographic Challenges

    To overcome the geographical and shipping challenges, Chamco developed a system with a minimal footprint that was easy to transport and install in the challenging terrain of British Columbia. This design considered safety, ease of operation, and maintenance within the restrictive shipping dimensions.

  • Delivering Ahead of Schedule

    Chamco’s dedication to meeting the mine’s stringent timelines was a cornerstone of our approach. Despite the mine not yet being operational, the urgency was clear, and we rose to the challenge. We didn’t just meet their deadlines; we exceeded expectations by completing the package a full week ahead of schedule.

The Results

While the mine has not yet begun operations, the successful installation and readiness of the pump system are a significant milestone toward operational efficiency and safety compliance in the mine.

Chamco’s ability to listen, innovate, and deliver a tailored solution reinforced our position as a trusted partner, leading the mine to award Chamco with a second fire pump package project.

“Working with Chamco was easy and a smooth transition. They don’t shy away from a problem. They listened, and they reacted based on what we needed versus telling us what we should have.”
Mine Engineering Manager

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