How Chamco Helped Protect Western Canada’s First Diluent Recovery Unit

Chamco Fire Pump Package

Project Background

A joint venture between a crude oil infrastructure company and an infrastructure development company was announced in 2019 to construct Western Canada’s first diluent recovery unit (DRU).

As part of the project, Chamco was awarded the fire protection package.

The Challenge: Time, Safety, and Regulatory Requirements

Chamco was responsible for a fully self-contained fire pump package to support the DRU unit, including design, testing, and on-site commissioning. The DRU project presented 3 key challenges: time constraints, safety, and regulatory requirements.

  • A Rapidly Evolving Project

    Due to the scale of the DRU project, the demands and requirements of the fire pump package were subject to design changes which included the addition of a soft starter, extension of our skid for an additional floor hatch, and the addition of fire & gas detection devices all while maintaining our tight delivery schedule.

  • Safety Concerns

    The extensive size of the DRU project and the hazardous and highly flammable characteristics involved in the handling of Diluent (Dilbit) posed serious safety concerns and fire risks.

  • Regulatory Requirements

    Strict guidelines in adherence to NFPA 20 codes were enforced to provide adequate support and reliability in the instance of a fire outbreak.

Why The Crude Oil Infrastructure Company Chose Chamco

Chamco was the preferred fire pump supplier for this project due to unsurpassable technical capabilities and years of industry expertise. Being one of the few pump suppliers in Western Canada capable of engineering and designing vertical turbine fire pump solutions, Chamco easily eliminated the competition. Additionally, Chamco’s previous work on an air compressor package for this client allowed us to build a good rapport with the client, leaving no room for doubt on our dependability.

The Solution

Chamco successfully overcame each of the challenges associated with this fire pump project and proudly delivered a unique installation to meet the client’s needs.

  • Strong Communication

    Chamco was responsive in addressing technical clarifications and accommodating any design changes required by the client. We were also very direct about this unique fire pump package requiring a 6-month build. Our transparency and accessibility to our client provided them with peace of mind and ensured commitment to on-time delivery that fit their deadlines.

  • Years of Expertise

    Our industry-leading fire pump design and engineering capabilities guaranteed a fully self-contained fire pump package, completely capable of pumping out 2,500 gallons/minute of water to fight on-site fires.

  • In-House Capabilities

    Chamco’s complete in-house capabilities and NFPA certified experts were able to do everything in-house and diligently meet all NFPA 20 code requirements, without having to hire multiple sub-trades and rely on outside help. Our in-house capabilities allowed us to oversee every aspect of this unique project, from quality control to painting, fabrication, engineering and design.

The Results

The package consists of one 350HP diesel-driven 2,500 USgmp fire pump, one 300HP electric-driven 2,500 USgmp fire pump, and one 5HP electric-driven 27.6 US GPM jockey pump.

The entire unit is mounted on a long structural steel skid and includes checker-plate decking, spray foam insulation, and a drain sump enclosed in a pre-engineered self-framing building c/w lights, heat and ventilation in accordance with NFPA 20 requirements and designed as a turn-key solution to minimize work required on site.

The unit was successfully built and delivered within the promised 6-month timeline with complete on-site testing and commissioning, providing reliable fire protection to the DRU for years to come!

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