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Cornell has been producing industry leading high-efficiency pumps since 1946. They provide unmatched pump solutions for the mining, agricultural, municipal, refrigeration and food markets.


Clear Liquid Pumps

Cornell produces clear liquid pumps that are world renowned. Cornell’s clear liquid pumps are known for being the most durable, most reliable, highest efficient pumps in the entire industry. These clear liquid pumps can be found in applications across a variety of markets including agriculture, industrial, municipal and more. Cornell clear liquid pumps are available in range of configurations including close-coupled, SAE engine mounted, horizontal and vertical.

Cornell’s clear liquid pumps provide unmatched efficiency and as a result can save you thousands of dollars per year in energy costs. Their large selection of clear liquid pumps that exceed optimum efficiency standards.

When looking for a clear liquid pump look no further than Cornell. They provide industry leading clear liquid pumping solutions through innovation and passion.

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Cutter Pumps

Cornell cutter pumps address a need for a variety of markets to reduce clogging due to ragging. The blade cutter in Cornell’s cutter pumps allows for minimal efficiency loss while tackling aggressive plugging. Once a Cornell cutter pump is installed clients have seen dramatic increases in their up-time, thus resulting in saving thousands of dollars a year. With Cornell, a cutter can be installed in more than 30 different pump models.

Cornell cutter pumps are designed and manufactured to lead the industry in efficiency, durability and innovation. Cornell cutter pumps are hardened to ensure a long lifespan and are specifically shaped to minimize flow restrictions. Cutter pumps saves a variety of markets labour and downtime that is required to clean out clogs from their pump systems.

When looking to increase up-time and save money on labour and outages for your pump systems, a Cornell cutter pump is the perfect solution.

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Food Process Pumps

Cornell Engineers understand the important role food handling pumps play in today’s marketplace. Their innovative single port impeller configuration with unique offset volute provides the end user with a food handling pump capable of transporting even the most delicate food products.

Cornell has built their worldwide reputation on quality and reliability. Their centrifugal pumps are engineered and manufactured to provide continuous and trouble-free operation. As a matter of fact, many Cornell pumps sold in the 50’s are still providing the same continuous and dependable service they did the day they were installed. No one is more committed to making your ownership a truly rewarding experience than Cornell.

In addition to a dependable pump system, today’s food process systems must also be efficient and economical. As energy costs rise, conservation and efficient operation become critical issues for end-users striving to minimize expenses associated with energy consumption. Cornell pumps maintain superb hydraulic operating efficiencies and are coupled with energy efficient motors.

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Hot Oil Pumps

Enhanced vapor handling and improved sealing technology are central to Cornell’s latest hot oil pump innovations. When fresh product passes through a fryer, water tends to travel along the bottom of the fryer in a liquid phase at 392°F (200°C), until it reaches the pump suction where the action of the impeller breaks up the water into smaller droplets that flash into steam. Ordinarily, entrained steam would impair the pump’s head and flow, but Cornell’s innovative anti-cavitation system prevents this situation.

The metal bellows mechanical shaft seal, with an optional water-cooled seat, can be used where temperature requirements reach up to 550° F. This proven shaft sealing method was developed over many years of field testing and is optimized to provide food processors with the most reliable and cost effective seal system in the marketplace. The metal bellows seal provides superior performance in extreme temperature processing services. The bellows leaf construction offers greater metal dependability and more uniform bellows compression.

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Hydro Turbines

You don’t need a raging river to take advantage of the energy savings a Cornell hydro turbine can provide. Heads as low as 50 feet, and flows as low as 90 gallons per minute can produce useable energy. Cornell’s high turbine efficiency is often found to be comparable with specially-built imported turbines. They are less complex, easier to install and require less maintenance. Cornell turbines are available in a wide range of configurations and mounting styles. Cornell’s approach to turbine applications has generated many new and innovative design features, resulting in unexpectedly high performance.

Industrial plants, municipalities, HVAC installations, and farms are tapping potential hydraulic energy sources to produce electric power as a revenue source, or as a means to reduce overall energy demands. The key to the system is the use of excess head to drive a turbine. The turbine may be used to drive a pump, a generator, or other power-requiring device. This technology makes it feasible for cities, farmers, resort managers, industrial plants and building managers to consider hydro turbines in their plant power needs. Studies show that a turbine, driven by water from a natural stream or process stream, can generate enough electric power to pay for itself in a short time.

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Immersible Pumps

Cornell provides unique and industry leading immersible pump solutions suitable for a variety of markets. Our approach to immersible pumps is to take a TEFC motor that is designed to run in air 100% of the time and adapt it to run submerged 1% of the time (in case of a flood).

The basic design of the immersible pump/motor incorporates a premium efficient, inverter duty, P-Base or C-Face TEBC motor (totally enclosed, blower cooled). The motor, as the name implies, is totally enclosed and cooled by a blower on top of the motor. If the motor becomes submerged, the blower motor fan shuts down without affecting the main motor. While the motor is temporarily submerged, the media cools the motor just like a true submersible. A special conduit box is used to prevent water leakage into the motor. The motor is designed to prevent infiltration of water along the shaft and into the motor by utilizing a triple redundant sealing system, including a patented hydroseal design. The motor-end bell housing incorporates the ‘inverted cup’ principle, which traps an air bubble under the motor as water rises, thus keeping water away from the shaft seal. The shaft is fitted with a hydroseal, which expels water and further reduces the chance of water reaching the shaft seals.

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Refrigeration Pumps

Cornell’s refrigeration pumps have been used successfully in a variety of applications including cold storage, food processing, refrigeration, ice production and turbine inlet cooling. Cornell refrigerant pumps are commonly employed in liquid overfeed and transfer pump applications utilizing anhydrous ammonia, aqueous ammonia, and halocarbons such as R-22 and other approved refrigerants.

Enhanced vapor handling and NPSHR characteristics are central to Cornell’s latest refrigeration pump innovations. Cornell has incorporated these designs features into our liquid overfeed pumps while maintaining four pole or six pole operating speed for close-coupled units. Since the introduction of our innovative refrigerant series of high head, low speed pumps, Cornell is working with our customers to address the increasing requirement for ultrareliability and superior performance characteristics.

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Self-Priming Pumps

Efficient, durable, efficient and dependable are all words that people use to describe Cornell pumps. The Cornell STX, STL & STH Self-Priming Pump Lines are the newest products from Cornell Pump following a tradition of building world-class pumping equipment.

Efficient by Design is not only our mantra, but it is also our priority when designing our equipment. The Self-Priming Pump Line exceeds the efficiency ratings of the competition by multiple efficiency points, without sacrificing lift capability. This improvement translates into energy cost savings over the life of the pump.

In addition to being focused on efficiency, Cornell Pump is also known for its innovative features. The Self-Priming Pumps follow this tradition by the addition of the Cycloseal® sealing system, which will extend your seal life.

Have an existing self-primer installed? The Cornell Pump retrofit program allows the Cornell STX rotating assemblies to retrofit into your existing pump volute.

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Solids Handling Pumps

Cornell has produced solids handling pumps since the 1950’s. Cornell offers a wide range of solids handling pumps, from 3” though 30” discharge size, to handle the most difficult solids applications.

Chopper impellers and cutter assemblies expand the capabilities of Cornell solids handling pumps to handle difficult solids. Many Cornell solids handling pumps are also available in CD4MCu for resistance to corrosion and pitting caused by abrasive solids.

Cornell Pump has been producing robust, highly efficient pumps since 1946 and our innovative pump concepts have provided unmatched value. Cornell solids handling pumps provide the reliability and interchangeability demanded in many applications. Cornell offers a wide range of solids handling pump models and configurations to fit into existing installations.

Cornell pumps are built using superior materials selected for their suitability to each pump’s intended application. Heavier casting walls, thicker shafts, and fully-machined impellers are part of what make Cornell pumps more rugged and durable than other pumps.