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Cornell Submersible Pumps

Cornell’s Submersible pumps maintain superb operating efficiencies and can be coupled with either a premium efficient electric motor or hydraulic power. All come standard with heavy walled volutes for extended life under abrasive service. Cornell’s auto-coupling system includes a cast iron discharge elbow, bronze guide claw flange, and stainless steel upper and intermediate guide rail brackets for high quality non-spark operation available. Enclosed and delta impeller options handle up to 3” solids, 20,000 GPM flow, and 450’ head.

Cornell Submersible Pumps
ModelDischargeSuctionSolids HandlingData Sheet
4NHTA-F4″6″3″Data Sheet
4NNT-F4″4″3″Data Sheet
4NNTL4″4″3″Data Sheet
4414T-F164″4″3″Data Sheet
4514T4″5″3″Data Sheet
6NHDH6″6″3″Data Sheet
6NHTA-CC6″6″3″Data Sheet
6NNDH6″6″3″Data Sheet
6NNT6″6″3″Data Sheet
8NNT-F8″8″3.38″Data Sheet