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Cornell Cutter Pumps

Cornell’s cutter pump solutions were created to address the urgent need of reducing clogging due to ragging. With the increased use of ‘flushable’ materials and extraneous cleaning products, the issue of clogging leading to downtime, pump destruction, and pipe damage, has increased markedly. Useful in municipal, agricultural, and other markets, the cutter’s unique stationary and rotating blade design allows material to pass through the impeller that would tend to clog a non-cutter pump. Energy efficient and robust, the cutter comes in two versions, the Blade Cutter, and the Waste Warrior. The Waste Warrior is designed for more aggressive ragging and plugging.

Cornell Cutter Pumps
ModelDischargeSuctionSolids HandlingData Sheet
4NHTA-F4″6″3″Data Sheet
4NHTB4″5″3″Data Sheet
4NNT-F4″4″3″Data Sheet
4NNW4″4″3″Data Sheet
4414T-F164″4″3″Data Sheet
4514T4″5″3″Data Sheet
6NHTA-CC6″6″3″Data Sheet
6NHTB6″10″3.38″Data Sheet
6NNT6″6″3″Data Sheet
8NHTA-F8″10″3.38″Data Sheet
8NHTH8″10″4″Data Sheet
8NNT-CC8″8″3.38″Data Sheet
8NNT-F8″8″3.38″Data Sheet
8NNW8″8″3.4″Data Sheet
10NNT10″10″3.38″Data Sheet