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Cornell N-Series Solids Handling Pumps

Cornell’s N-series solids handling pumps are available in discharge sizes from 1.25″ to 30″, and are designed to handle difficult solids handling applications. A range of mounting configurations are available, from close-coupled, SAE engine-mount, and horizontal frame-mount, to vertical and vertical coupled. Featuring enclosed impeller (2” to 10” solids, and flows up 40,000GPM), N-series can also be fitted with a delta impeller to handle stringy materials, rags, etc. Robust and reliable, the N-series has more than 30 years of service as a waste-water handling favorite of the industry.

Cornell N-Series Solids Handling Pumps
ModelDischargeSuctionSolids HandlingData Sheet
3517M3″5″1″Data Sheet
4NHDH4″4″3″Data Sheet
4NHM174″5″2.62″Data Sheet
4NHTA-CC4″6″3″Data Sheet
4NHTA-F4″6″3″Data Sheet
4NHTB4″5″3″Data Sheet
4NLDL-F4″4″3″Data Sheet
4NHTB194″8″2″Data Sheet
4NLHM4″4″2.63″Data Sheet
4NNDH4″4″3″Data Sheet
4NNT-CC4″4″3″Data Sheet
4NNT-F4″4″3″Data Sheet
4NNTL4″4″3″Data Sheet
4414T-CC4″4″3″Data Sheet
4414T-F164″4″3″Data Sheet
4414T-F184″4″3″Data Sheet
4514T4″5″3″Data Sheet
4614M4″6″1″Data Sheet
6NHDH6″6″3″Data Sheet
6NHTA-CC6″6″3″Data Sheet
6NHTA-F166″6″3″Data Sheet
6NHTA-F186″6″3″Data Sheet
6NHTB6″10″3.38″Data Sheet
6NHTB196″8″2″Data Sheet
6NHTC196″8″3″Data Sheet
6NNDH6″6″3″Data Sheet
6NNT6″6″3″Data Sheet
8NHDH8″10″3″Data Sheet
8NHG198″10″2.44”Data Sheet
8NHG228″10″3″Data Sheet
8NHTA-F8″10″3.38″Data Sheet
8NHTA-EM8″10″3.38″Data Sheet
8NNDH8″8″3.38″Data Sheet
8NHTH8″10″4″Data Sheet
8NNT-CC8″8″3.38″Data Sheet
8NNT-F8″8″3.38″Data Sheet
10NHTA10″12″4.25″Data Sheet
10NHTB10″12″4.75″Data Sheet
10NNT10″10″3.38″Data Sheet
12NHTB12″12″4.75″Data Sheet
12NHTL12″12″4.25″Data Sheet
12NHTM12″12″4.25″Data Sheet
12NNF12″12″3″Data Sheet
12NNT12″10″4″Data Sheet
14NHG3414″14″4″Data Sheet
14NHG2814″16″4.25″Data Sheet
14NHGH14″14″4.25″Data Sheet
16NHG2216″16″4.5″Data Sheet
16NHG16″12″4″Data Sheet
16NHGH16″16″4.25″Data Sheet
18NHFL18″20″5″Data Sheet
18NHG18″18″5″Data Sheet
18NHG3418″20″4.5″Data Sheet
20NHF20″24″5″Data Sheet
24NNG24″24″5.25″Data Sheet
30NNT30″30″10.2″Data Sheet