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Cornell W, Y, R & H Series Pumps

Cornell clear liquid centrifugal pumps are found in many agricultural irrigation applications.These pumps are designed to deliver best-in-class efficiency. Depending on operating hours, fuel, and horsepower required, you can save thousands per year in energy costs. Cornell offers a large selection of clear liquids pumps that meet or exceed optimum efficiency standards for centrifugal pumps.

Cornell W, Y, R, & H Series Pumps

Features and Benefits:

  • Replaceable wear rings
  • Double volute
  • Various mounting configurations available, including close coupled, frame mounted, and engine-mounted
  • Robust Mount Frame with mounting surfaces
  • Shower curtain shield on close-coupled models
  • Oversized bearings
  • High efficiency, fully-machined impellers
  • Efficiencies up to 89%
  • Heavy walled castings
  • External balance line
  • Two-year warranty
ModelDischargeSuctionSolids HandlingData Sheet
1.25W1.25″1.5″.25″Data Sheet
1.25Y1.25″2″.28″Data Sheet
1WC1″1.5″.25″Data Sheet
1.25YML1.25″3″.8″Data Sheet
1.5WH1.5″2″.28″Data Sheet
1.5YH1.5″2″.25″Data Sheet
2WH2″2.5″.34″Data Sheet
2YH2″2.5″.31″Data Sheet
2.5H-CC2.5″4″.41″Data Sheet
2.5RB2.54.38″Data Sheet
2.5WB2.5″3″.5″Data Sheet
2.5WH2.5″3″.5″Data Sheet
2.5YH2.5″4″.5″Data Sheet
2.5YM2.5″4″.88″Data Sheet
3HA3″6″.5″Data Sheet
3HC3″6″.5″Data Sheet
3HM3″5″1″Data Sheet
3RB-F3″5″.5″Data Sheet
3RB-CC3″5″.5″Data Sheet
3RC3″6″.5″Data Sheet
3WHA-CC3″4″.5″Data Sheet
3WHA-F3″4″.5″Data Sheet
3WM3″4″1.2″Data Sheet
3YH3″4″.5″Data Sheet
3YL3″4″.5″Data Sheet
4HC4″8″.62″Data Sheet
4HH-CC4″6″.62″Data Sheet
4HH-F4″6″.62″Data Sheet
4HM3″5″1″Data Sheet
4RB-F4″6″.84″Data Sheet
4RB-CC4″6″.84″Data Sheet
4RC4″6″.84″Data Sheet
4WH4″5″1.19Data Sheet
4YB4″6″.75″Data Sheet
5H-CC5″8″.97″Data Sheet
5H-F5″8″.97″Data Sheet
5HH-CC5″8″1″Data Sheet
5HH-F5″8″1″Data Sheet
5RB-CC5″8″1″Data Sheet
5RB-F5″8″1″Data Sheet
5WBH5″8″.75″Data Sheet
5WBQ5″8″.75″Data Sheet
5YB5″8″.62Data Sheet
5YBH5″8″.75″Data Sheet
5YBQ5″8″.75″Data Sheet
6H-CC6″8″1.12″Data Sheet
6H-F6″8″1.12″Data Sheet
6HH-CC6″8″1.22″Data Sheet
6RB-F6″10″1.31″Data Sheet
6RB-CC6″10″1.31″Data Sheet
6RC6″10″1.31″Data Sheet
6YB6″10″.75″Data Sheet
6YBQ6″10″.75″Data Sheet
8H-CC8″10″1.25″Data Sheet
8H-F8″10″1.25Data Sheet
10RB-F10″10″1.25″Data Sheet
10RB-CC10″10″1.25″Data Sheet
10YB10″10″1.38″Data Sheet
10YBQ10″10″1.38″Data Sheet