Cornell MP-Series Pumps

MP-Series Pumps are designed to handle coarse abrasives while providing robust service life in a slurry pump. Cornell Pump Company’s MP Mining Pump Series combines 70 years of innovation in pump manufacturing and design, with our highly regarded patented Cycloseal® technology. Offering high operating pressures, the MP pumps are specifically designed for coarse abrasive slurry applications such as sand, gravel, coal, manure, and mine dewatering. The oversize shafts, thick volutes, CD4MCA impellers, and other features allow it to operate in harsh conditions longer than a standard slurry pump.

The MP series incorporates the unique pushed-out rectangular design features of the Cornell frame, letting you know it is quality Cornell pump.

Cornell MP-Series Pumps
Model Discharge Suction Solids Handling Data Sheet
2315MP 2″ 3″ .5″ Data Sheet
4517MP 4″ 5″ 3″ Data Sheet
6819MP 6″ 8″ 2″ Data Sheet
6819MPC 6″ 8″ 3″ Data Sheet
61017MP 6″ 10″ 3.38″ Data Sheet
81022MP 8″ 10″ 4″ Data Sheet