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Cornell NSF Pumps

Cornell Pumps boasts NSF/ANSI 61 / 372 certification on nearly two dozen of our clear liquid/potable water pumps.

Our clear liquids pumps can be used industrial or municipally in situations where water purity, for applications such as drinking water or food washing, are of concern.

Cornell NSF Pumps

What Models Are Covered?:

Cornell covers these 23 models, wet end components, and all mounting configurations are available:

ModelDischargeSuctionSolids HandlingData Sheet
1.25W1.25″1.5″.25″Data Sheet
1.25Y1.25″2″.28″Data Sheet
1.5WH1.5″2″.28″Data Sheet
1.5YH1.5″2″.25″Data Sheet
2WH2″2.5″.34″Data Sheet
2YH2″2.5″.31″Data Sheet
2.5WB2.5″3″.5″Data Sheet
2.5WH2.5″3″.5″Data Sheet
2.5YH2.5″4″.5″Data Sheet
3RB-F3″5″.5″Data Sheet
3RB-CC3″5″.5″Data Sheet
3WHA-CC3″4″.5″Data Sheet
3WHA-F3″4″.5″Data Sheet
3YH3″4″.5″Data Sheet
4HH-CC4″6″.62″Data Sheet
4HH-F4″6″.62″Data Sheet
4RB-F4″6″.84″Data Sheet
4RB-CC4″6″.84″Data Sheet
4WH4″5″1.19Data Sheet
5HH-CC5″8″1″Data Sheet
5HH-F5″8″1″Data Sheet
5RB-CC5″8″1″Data Sheet
5RB-F5″8″1″Data Sheet
5YB5″8″.62Data Sheet
5YBH5″8″.75″Data Sheet
6H-CC6″8″1.12″Data Sheet
6H-F6″8″1.12″Data Sheet
6HH-CC6″8″1.22″Data Sheet
6RB-F6″10″1.31″Data Sheet
6RB-CC6″10″1.31″Data Sheet
8H-CC8″10″1.25″Data Sheet
8H-F8″10″1.25Data Sheet