July 27, 2019

World Leader in Designing & Manufacturing Fire Pump Systems

Fire Pump Systems

With customers in over 20 countries, Chamco is a worldwide leader in designing and manufacturing fire pump systems, from basic skid mounted pump and drive unit arrangements to complete turnkey fire pump buildings.

We recently designed and built this turnkey fire foam injection building which is now ready to ship to one of our pipeline customers. The package is designed to provide 68 l/min @ a discharge pressure of 613 kPag driven by a single diesel engine rated for 39HP at 1,800 rpm. The package includes one (1) UL/FM approved Fire Foam Pump Systems consisting of a single foam pump with diesel engine driver complete with fuel tank, ratio controller, pump controller and 550 gallon foam concentrate tank. The entire package is mounted on a structural steel skid complete with R30 mineral wool insulation, vapor barrier and sheathing on the underside. The package includes all piping, valves required to meet the UL/FM requirements and is enclosed in a self-framing building complete with heating and ventilation and full turnkey electrical scope to allow our end user to position the package on existing piles for quick connection to their existing fire system on site.

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