Why Two Small Air Compressors are Better Than One

Two Air Compressors

When it comes to choosing the right air compressor system for your facility, bigger is not always better.

Sometimes the best option to consider is to have two smaller air compressors.

It’s important not to make your decision on your air compressor system based on the peak load of your facility, as it’s unlikely the compressor will be functioning at peak capacity the entire time. There will likely be periods of peak load and other times where the system will be operating at a reduced load. 

Installing two smaller compressors is a good option, as they would only need to operate together at full capacity during peak times, and then, during lower load times, only one compressor is needed.

We recently installed two Sullair Shoptek compressors for a customer in Northern Alberta, which will provide the reliability required to keep their shop running smoothly. A great example of where two is better than one!

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