May 25, 2021

Championing Sullair/ Hitachi Products

Sullair Oil-Free SRL Scroll Compressor,

We love when our customers become great champions for our products! 

Chamco recently completed an installation job of a Sullair Oil-Free SRL Scroll Compressor, 120 GAL Wet Receiver, and a Sullair SRHT High-Temperature Refrigerated Dryer. 

This customer is in the machining business and there were multiple factors that came into play for their decision:

✔️ They wanted something very quiet as the compressor is their workspace.

✔️  They wanted equipment that is very low maintenance

✔️ They needed equipment that would ensure the necessary protection for their expensive CNC Machining tools.

This customer is a returning customer for the Hitachi product. They did their homework in the past and they determined that Hitachi (the inventor/ innovator of the Scroll Compressor) has the best product on the market for their application. 

It was very heartwarming to have a great champion for this product which Sullair/ Hitachi have worked so hard to perfect.

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