Reducing the Energy Consumption of Compressed Air Systems

Air compressor

Looking to cut down the energy costs of your operation? 

No matter the size of your operation, your industrial compressed air system likely makes up a significant percentage of your total energy usage. 

And, higher energy usage = higher overall operating costs.

Recently, a local manufacturing customer operating two Sullair compressors that are running strong was looking for reliable ways to reduce their energy consumption. So, they turned to Chamco for help.

Chamco performed an audit of their compressed air system and came up with three possible solutions:

  1. Replace both units with bigger compressors
  2. Add an additional compressor
  3. Reduce the air pressure and use  a low-pressure blower

And, the winning option was…*drum roll*…

Option 3!

Option 1 was the most expensive option, and while option 2 was the easiest to implement, option 3 was the most cost-effective and best option for the customer for the long term.

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