June 23, 2020

Record-Breaking Fire Pump System

Fire Pump System

What are the size limits of a Chamco fire pump package?

Well, so far the record for the largest fire pump package Chamco has ever designed and built is this 23′ 6″ wide x 76′ long fire water pump package for a large oil sands producer.

The system consisted of:

  • 4 x 4500 USGPM pumps with 650HP diesel engines
  • 2 x 600 USGPM jockey pumps that were also used as storage tank recirculating pumps in the winter
  • 2 x natural gas boilers to heat the storage tank water in the winter
  • A 60′ long 36″ suction header, 1 x 26″ discharge header – suspended 10′ in the air to allow for access to the entrance doors, and
  • A 16″ return line and test header.

We think that’s an impressive system!

To learn more about Chamco’s fire pump systems, head to our fire pump systems page.

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