March 9, 2021

Custom Pump System Tailored to Customer Needs

Chamco custom fire pump system

No one does custom pump systems quite like Chamco! 

In May of 2020, a Northern Ontario engineering firm reached out to Chamco looking for support on a fire pump package for a global plastic packaging manufacturer. 

Jumping ahead to February 2021, Chamco is awarded the project which will include a 1500 GPM Fire Pump System. The turn-key package includes a diesel engine-driven horizontal fire pump, one inline vertical jockey pump, controllers, valves and all NFPA accessories. All equipment is mounted on a structural steel skid and installed inside a self-framing building.

In addition, the client needed a natural gas boiler system to keep their 240,000 gallon fire water storage tank heated during the winter months to prevent freezing. With that in mind, we provided an option to extend the skid and building which included a two-hour fire-rated partition wall, separate entrance, heating and ventilation, lighting, receptacles, and the natural gas boiler system. 

This is a great example of how Chamco can create custom systems tailored to our clients’ specific requirements!

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