May 14, 2020

What Is a Fire Pump System?

Fire Pump System

For industrial sites, fire safety and protection is serious business. To ensure the safety of employees and equipment, these sites often have to meet stringent fire protection codes and standards.

The core of any water-based fire protection system, special fire pumps are able to effectively respond to fires at industrial sites with the right volume and water pressure.

As with many other engineered systems, the right materials, design, and install are all critical to ensuring a fire pump system performs the way it’s intended in an emergency situation.

To make industrial fire protection easy and more cost-effective, Chamco offers fully-modular, ISO 9001:2015 factory-assembled fire pump systems that are ready to connect on-site. All our fire pump systems are built to all applicable NFPA and other local standards.

Learn more about fire pump systems here.

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