Helping a Smelter Upgrade its Aging Pump System

aging pump systems

There’s no doubt about it; aging pump systems can quickly become a drain on your budget and lead to many unforeseen and expensive problems. 

A smelter in BC was recently looking to upgrade its pump system. First installed in 1956, the system had high operating costs and was in desperate need of reverse engineering and custom manufacturing to ensure optimal functioning.

Chamco was happy to rise to the challenge and was able to spec replacement pumps with very close dimensional tolerance and at a fraction of the cost of the existing units. 

Our installation team evaluated the installation costs and realized that only minor modifications were needed to fit the new equipment to the existing system.

Fast forward a year, and Chamco has successfully delivered, installed, and commissioned four 150Hp Peerless 6AE18 split-case horizontal pumps, that now provide distribution water to the mine smelter.

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