August 13, 2020

The Foundation of Quality

Steel skid for engineered compressor system

For each of our engineered systems, a solid foundation is key!

After designing a pump or compressor system that meets or exceeds the client’s requirements, the production process starts with fabrication of the skid. Beyond just a simple, steel beam structure, the design work that goes into the skid is the foundation, literally, of all the work that goes into ensuring the highest-quality results.

In our ISO 9001:2015 facility, our engineering team takes the overall weights of the system equipment and building into account to ensure proper deflection calculation and all the structural welding is done by WCB-certified welders. Finally, our quality assurance team ensures that the skid is finished correctly, so the rest of the system can be installed without any issues or delays.

At Chamco, we have decades of experience working with customers in oil & gas, mining, heavy industrial, and municipal sectors to design and build the highest quality modular pump and compressor packages that deliver a lifetime of performance.

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