February 27, 2020

Servicing the Cannabis Industry

Domnick Hunter dessicant dryer

Chamco is constantly looking for opportunities to expand into new sectors, including Alberta’s budding cannabis industry.

A cannabis producer recently contacted Chamco because they had trouble keeping their compressor running consistently. Chamco conducted an air audit and found that the current air compressor was very oversized for the system, which caused it to shut down on short cycles.

While the customer was initially interested in a 100 HP compressor, Chamco suggested an air audit that showed a Sullair SN5509S 75 HP compressor was a better fit for the customer’s current and future needs. A smaller, efficient compressor would also save the customer thousands of dollars every year in energy consumption and have the longest long-term cost of ownership.

Armed with advice from our air compressor experts, the customer ended up ordering 2 Sullair compressors and a Domnick Hunter desiccant dryer.

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