July 14, 2020

Oil-Free Air at the Dentist

Sullair oil-free air compressor

At the dentist, people are often more concerned about cavities than the type of air compressor used to power dental equipment.

Not us, though! Here at Chamco, we know that air compressors for dental applications have two key requirements: they need to be quiet and they need to provide oil-free air. That’s why an oil-free scroll air compressor is the perfect solution for a dentist’s office.

Chamco is the exclusive Western Canada distributor of industry-leading Sullair oil-free scroll compressors. This type of compressor is extremely quiet and operates down to 48 dB(A), provides pure, certified class 0 oil-free air without any risk of contamination, is energy efficient, and easy to maintain and operate.

For more details about this unit, head to our online catalogue of oil-free Sullair air compressors.

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