January 14, 2021

How to Clean Your Portable Diesel Compressor

Four Sullair portable diesel air compressors

Let’s face it: your portable diesel air compressors are bound to get dirty! 

BUT, regular cleaning is critical to ensuring that your compressor stays in good working order.

Here are the tips you need to know when cleaning your portable air compressor: 

  1. Be sure to clean the outside of the machine AND the interior components.
  2. Remember to check the dust collectors.
  3. If you’re working in dirty environments, make sure you clean the coolers and engine chambers.
  4. Don’t forget to sanitize high-touch surface areas to disinfect for COVID-19.

Our most important tip: be sure to contact Chamco when your compressors need some extra TLC. We offer a range of air compressor services to keep your equipment running like new!

Visit Sullair’s website to learn more about cleaning and sanitizing your portable diesel air compressors.

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