February 17, 2022

Gold Mine Fire Protection

fire pump package at a gold mine camp

Chamco is proud to have been awarded a fire pump package that will help protect a plant and the lives of 458 people at a gold mine work camp in Ontario, Canada. 

Chamco started working with this client in 2021 to help with their compressed air system and reclaim barge and was recently awarded the project to design and build their fire pump package.

The package will be designed to NFPA-20 requirements, mounted on a structural steel skid, and enclosed in a pre-engineered self-framing building, complete with lights, heat, ventilation, and electrical.

Our fire pump package will provide reliable fire protection to the mine site and plant throughout the estimated 17-year lifespan of the mine. 

We’re always pleased when our customers have positive experiences working with Chamco and return for new projects.

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