New Dryer Package for the Mining Industry

a dryer package for mining shovels

Here at Chamco, we are always looking for ways to add value and meet our customer’s needs. 

As an example, Chamco has developed a dryer package specifically for shovels used in mining. 

This turn-key dryer/filter design includes a structural steel support skid and frame which has two positions to accommodate height preference.

It will be manufactured at our Calgary facility and includes a single source 115V electrical connection, vibration isolators, drain timers on the pre-filtration to remove oil, water and particulates from the air and ½” hoses with tube ends for ease of installation.

Once installed, it will provide instrument air quality to ISO 8573 1.2.1 quality standards, effectively protecting critical instrumentation on multi-million-dollar shovels that require durability and reliability to operate 24/7.

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