April 22, 2021

Seamless Compressor Upgrade for Plant in the Canadian Rockies

A sullair compressor lifted into a plant in the Canadian Rockies

Not a bad view for this compressor install!

You may recall a similar photo of a Sullair compressor flying through the sky in the Canadian Rockies back in December. 

In December, we completed stage one of this project involving changing out a Sullair LS-100 compressor for a new Sullair 3009-40 Hp unit. 

Chamco just wrapped up stage two of this compressor upgrade. The second stage involved installing a second new 3009 compressor. This two-stage approach allowed us to complete a seamless upgrade to this plant without needing to shut down during the installations. 

The new and improved Sullair model takes up less space in the plant and is much quieter than their previous solution.

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