November 23, 2021

Chamco Never Compromises on a Job Well Done!

Air Compressor Services

If there’s one thing Chamco doesn’t compromise on, it’s a job well done.

Recently, a customer reached out to us who did not have a proper foundation under their brand new Sullair Two-Stage Series compressor installation. This was causing damaging vibrations to the machine and rendering it down. 

Chamco was able to quickly diagnose the issue, put a quote together, and remove the old grout with the machine in place without moving any piping.

We releveled the machine, poured new grout, and completed repairs. Chamco then thoroughly tested the machine to ensure the vibrations were no longer an issue.

The machine has its reliability back and gives our happy customers the redundancy they were looking for. Click here to view our full range of Chamco air compressor services!

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