Chamco Saves Customer $15K With Air Audit

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At Chamco, we’re the kind of people who would rather help you save $15,000 than sell you a new compressor. 

Recently, we had a customer with three 50HP compressors who was looking to add a fourth. Before selling them a new compressor, we recommended doing an air audit to determine their actual air consumption. 

After performing the audit, Chamco was able to identify ways to adjust the controls of the existing compressors to become more efficient and use less air. We also worked with the customer to inspect the facility for air leaks and ended up fixing a number of leaks that further reduced their air consumption. 

Before doing the audit and leak inspection, our customer was running three compressors and had an annual energy cost of $71,000/yr. After Chamco made modifications to their controls and inspected for leaks, the customer only needed to run one or two compressors with an annual energy cost of $56,000/yr. 

In the end, our customer didn’t need to add another compressor and they saved $15,000/yr in energy costs. We’re always pleased when we can exceed our customer expectations!

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