Engineered Systems

Floating Pump Stations/Barges


  • Naval Architect Certification
  • Applications: reclaim, recycle, intake, mature and / or fine tailings
  • Arctic or tropical sites
  • Pond, river, or ocean installations
  • Modular hull construction, ships worldwide
  • Pumps: verticals, horizontals, submersibles
  • Motors, valves, piping
  • Shore piping systems
  • Shore access walkways (bridge or floating)
  • Monorails and bridge cranes
  • Anchoring systems
  • Complete electrical – Switchgear, MCC’s, PLC’s, Lighting
  • Any voltage, 60 and 50 Hz systems, NEMA or IEC
  • Building systems for winter sites, with HVAC systems


Our floating pump station barges are designed to ship as modular units. Pumps, piping, valves, and complete hull are manufactured in sections allowing for a pre-assembled enclosed building with access doors, cranes, electrical, and HVAC equipment as the upper section to “drop – on” to the hull at site. Packages range from small single pump barges to large systems with over 5,000 horse power (3,700 kW) installed.

Chamco is proud to have completed over 90 barge projects. Each barge comes with complete turn-key responsibility and comprehensive documentation.

Our Work: