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Versamatic 1 ½” (38MM) Clamped Metal AODD Pump

The clamped metal 1 ½” AODD pump features a classic clamped metal design that allows for easy portability and reliability. This pump is perfect for operations that require full submersion, and the clamped metal pump is non-stalling, non-freezing and self-priming.

Additionally, this pump can handle a wide range of fluid types and features robust construction, on/off reliability, and comes with various material offerings for your industrial applications.

1 ½” (38MM) Bolted Metal AODD Pump

Flow Rate

0-71 gpm

Port Size

Suction – 1 ½” NPT
Discharge – 1 ¼” NPT

Air Inlet

½” NPT

Air Exhaust

¾” NPT

Suction Lift

Dry – 19′ (5.8 m)
Wet – 31′ (9.4 m)

Max Solid
Size (Diameter)

3/16” (4.76 mm)

Max Noise Level

101 dB(A)

Shipping Weight

Aluminum – 55 lbs
Cast Iron – 95 lbs
Stainless Steel – 92 lbs

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