Sullair S-energy® 1800 to 3000V Rotary Screw Air Compressors

Sullair compressors provide more performance and efficiency than any other compressors in this horsepower range and set new standards in virtually every category.

Before we designed these compressors, we reviewed every aspect of product development with the customer and kept the maintenance staff in mind. The result is Sullair reliability in one of the most compact, robust, maintenance-friendly and quietest compressor packages available on the market.

Multiple features of the S-energy® series revolutionize the compressor’s serviceability and provide for a cleaner, safer work environment and cost effective compressor. Standard maintenance can all be performed from one side.

Quiet Design

  • Air end, motor, and receiver tank are mounted on rubber isolators
  • Insulated intake and exhaust louvers
  • Low-noise fan
Sullair S-energy 1800 to 3000V Rotary Screw Air Compressors


81 – 176 cfm


100 – 175 psi


25 – 40 hp
18 – 30 kw