Cornell Duraprime Series Pumps

Cornell Pump’s Duraprime® series of robust construction pumps, in 3″, 4” and 6” models, are ideal for rental and construction applications. The Duraprime series feature a rebuild-able pump design, robust construction, efficient operation and competitive pricing. Series comes standard with Cornell Cycloseal® sealing system and the Venturi Prime priming system integrated. Duraprime brings Cornell quality, while offering low-operating costs, premium efficiency up to 82%, and ease in servicing and maintenance. Featuring a two-year warranty, DuraPrime® requires no seal venting or flushing.

Cornell Duraprime Series Pumps
Model Discharge Suction Solids Handling Data Sheet
3308CP 3″ 3″ 1.5″ Data Sheet
3308T 3″ 3″ 1.43″ Data Sheet
4409CP 4″ 4″ 2.5″ Data Sheet
4409T 4″ 4″ 2.38″ Data Sheet
4410CP 4″ 4″ 3″ Data Sheet
6611T 6″ 6″ 3″ Data Sheet
6612T 6″ 6″ 3″ Data Sheet
6612CP 6″ 6″ 3″ Data Sheet