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Cornell Cyclone Vertical Turbine Pumps

Cornell Pump’s VT pump series (Cyclone) relies on our demonstrated superior hydraulics, in a submerged design. The proven quality of Cornell RB series is recast into a short set vertical turbine pump. Boasting energy efficiencies up to 89%, with no priming required, the Cyclone is the vertical turbine you’d expect from the industry leader in centrifugal pumps. Designed for ponds, rivers, canals, sumps, and dewatering applications, the VT series fills a niche where end users need robust design, quality build, proven hydraulics, and Cornell’s renowned two-year warranty for peace of mind.

The Cyclone VT series uses industry standard column, shaft, and line shaft couplers, to make field installation and interchangeability easy. Our bearings, impellers, suction strainers, wear rings, and bowls are robust designs, exceeding competitors’ usual offerings—allowing the Cyclone to carry on the RB pumps proud tradition of reliability and efficiency.

Cornell Cyclone Vertical Turbine Pumps

Features and Benefits:

  • Spiral bowl construction: Improves flow path and pump efficiency.
  • Fewer stages to replace and maintain: improved uptime and reduced costs.
  • Two-year warranty: industry-leading protection.
  • VFD Operable: useable at various speeds for maximum energy savings.
  • Large bearings: Product lubricated.
  • Keyed and bolted impeller for positive drive.
  • Industry standard discharge head configuration for VHS motors.
  • Wide flow range per model.
  • Large diameter shafts for minimal deflection, less wear.
  • Industry-standard column, shaft & lineshaft bearing construction.
Model Discharge Suction Solids Handling Data Sheet
3RB-VT-OLS 6″, 8″ .5″ Data Sheet
3RB-VT-ELS 6″, 8″ .5″ Data Sheet
4RB-VT-OLS 6″, 8″ .84″ Data Sheet
4RB-VT-ELS 6″, 8″ .84″ Data Sheet
5RB-VT-OLS 8″, 10″ 1″ Data Sheet
5RB-VT-ELS 8″, 10″ 1″ Data Sheet
6RB-VT-OLS 10″, 12″ 1.31″ Data Sheet
6RB-VT-ELS 10″, 12″ 1.31″ Data Sheet
6H-VT-OLS 8″, 10″, 12″ 1.12″ Data Sheet
6H-VT-ELS 8″, 10″, 12″ 1.12″ Data Sheet