August 13, 2019

Turnkey Instrument Air System

Turnkey Instrument Air System

Another day, another meticulously constructed turnkey instrument air system ready to deliver to one of our pipeline customers. This building design includes two Sullair, LLC 50HP direct-drive oil-flooded rotary screw compressors, one wet air receiver, one modular twin tower desiccant dryer with single train filtration, one condensate drain tank, and a one 2000 gallon vertical dry air receiver.

The entire package is mounted on a structural steel skid with the skid extended outside the building to allow for the mounting of the 2000 gallon vertical dry air receiver on the same skid complete with all interconnecting pipe. The rest of the equipment is mounted in a climate-controlled self-framing building complete with heating and ventilation and full turnkey electrical to allow the customer to place the package at site, re-install the dry air receiver on the skid extension, connect their power to the package and their discharge line from the dry air receiver to be fully operational in a couple of days.

No one in western Canada has more experience or expertise in delivering compressed air solutions on budget and on schedule than Chamco!

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