Chamco Transforms Old Turbine Pump into New and Improved

An overhauled vertical turbine pump

It’s always a fun challenge when Chamco gets to revamp and upgrade an existing system.

We recently completed the overhaul of a 28,000GPM vertical turbine pump for a very happy customer.

The pump had previously been reconditioned and had the impeller trimmed back. With this project they wanted the pump to be restored to its original specifications with a new impeller installed.

Chamco gladly took on this exciting project. 

We determined what chemicals were used in their water for their application to ensure the coating selection was right for the job. 

Our ability to be a one-stop shop with blast and paint really paid off! We could ensure that the pump was properly coated to match requirements so that the life of the pump could be prolonged.

We really enjoyed this project, and we look forward to taking on many more projects like this in the future.

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