September 8, 2020

Pump & Compressor Inspections

vertical turbine pump component

Repair or replace?

It can be a tough call whether it’s best to repair or replace your pump or compressor. Thankfully, Chamco is here to make that decision easier!

Chamco’s Edmonton branch recently completed an inspection on a vertical turbine fire pump for one of our customers. For this type of inspections, no pump component is left unturned! The customer receives a full report with pictures and details of each component, tech data, potential cause for failures, and opportunities for improvements that would help the pump perform better for longer.

Our service and sales team then includes a breakdown of the price for a rebuild vs. buying new, considering factors such as lead time, price, and how much total life is available for the pump.

Contact Chamco’s pump and compressor experts to learn more about our inspection services.

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