June 18, 2020

Protect Your Dryers Against Oil Contamination

Air Dryer Filtration System

Oil contamination can be an expensive problem!

A customer recently contacted Chamco because they had been experiencing oil carry-over into their dryers and beyond, but realized that it’s not an issue with their on-site Chamco equipment.

Chamco’s equipment has 2 Parker Domnick hunter pre-filters before the dryers and uses Sullair, LLC’s polyglycol-based lubricant for compressors.

To eliminate the oil-contamination issues, the customer wants to eventually convert the entire plant to Chamco’s products, starting with 1/5 of the plant and 50 new filters.

The customer is also looking to streamline their plant to Sullube to simplify their warehousing switch to a better lubricant. Sullube will reduce the oil carryover, lower compressor operating temperature, and will not varnish. All of these factors will eliminate their costly repair of POA fluids contaminating their dryers and downstream equipment.

Chamco is proud to continuously providing products and services that meet and exceed customer expectations!

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