February 22, 2022

Oil-Free Air Tips

Sullair compressor
It’s time to clear the air about oil-free compressors!

Oil-free air compressors are great for applications where air purity is critical, including water treatment plants, oil & gas exploration, crop spraying, food manufacturing, and much more.

To make sure your oil-free air compressor keeps providing uncontaminated, clean air, here are a few tips:

→ Place the compressor in a clean and dry area. Any contaminated ambient air will affect the air quality output.

→ Make sure the units are spaced out. Cramping the compressors together makes maintenance and service difficult and could cause cross-contamination of the air between the units.

→ Use the right accessories. Consult your compressor expert to make sure your compressor is geared up for your application and location.

At Chamco, we proudly distribute high-quality oil-free compressors and can help you keep your compressors up and running and problem-free for longer. 

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