March 16, 2021

Helping Our Customer Reduce Their Energy Consumption

Sullair Spiral Valve Compressors

We’re helping one of our customers reduce their energy consumption by 30-35%! Keep reading to find out how… 

In 2018, a peroxide plant invited Chamco to perform an air audit as the first step towards replacing their obsolete compressor system with new equipment. We discovered that our customer was using two of their three 75 HP compressors at a time, totalling  up to 150 HP for their instrument air supply. 

After discussing possible solutions, our customer decided to move forward with two Sullair 100 HP Spiral Valve Units. However, they would require 125HP with their current system. 

You might be thinking: “how will these units meet their compressed air needs?”  

That’s where Chamco comes in!  During commissioning of the new compressors our technician sealed major leaks to their system which lowered their consumption by 5-8%. 

Stay tuned until later this year when Chamco will help this customer lower their compressed air consumption by an additional 15%

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