July 15, 2021

Chamco’s Quick Solution to a Municipal Emergency

A Grundfos pump.

This photo might not be pretty but we promise the story is worth it! 

Chamco recently received an emergency call from a rural municipality in Alberta. Their existing pump had failed, repairs were not viable, and the direct replacement was months away…

So, what did Chamco do? 

We worked with Grundfos Canada who had a Grundfos SL1 10HP pump in their US inventory. Together, we expedited the pump to the Calgary airport. 

Once the pump arrived, Chamco’s experienced technicians jumped right into action! They installed and retrofitted the new pump in less than a day! 

The municipality was very thankful for Chamco’s quick response and Grundfos’ stocking program, which saved them thousands of dollars in VAC truck costs. 

As an added bonus the new pump is much more efficient than the previous pump and will provide years of energy savings as well!


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