October 27, 2020

Saving Fish with Vertical Turbine Pumps

vertical turbine pumps

Have you ever wondered how fish can continue to swim down a river when there’s a dam in the way? Chamco to the rescue!

Pictured are a few of the 7 vertical turbine pumps that our service team is installing at a BC dam project. These pumps will be used to flood the fishway, so the fish can pass around the barriers by swimming and leaping into the water on the other side. The velocity of the water flooding the fishway needs to be strong enough to attract the fish towards the alternate path but not too strong that it pushes the fish downstream. This is where Chamco comes in!

The vertical turbine pumps we’re commissioning range in size up to 500 HP. All the components are either heat traced or insulated so they can withstand challenging weather conditions. We care about finding the perfect pump solution for each of our customers to meet their unique needs.

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